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Vocational Rehabilitation Service Provider

As our community spirals into an epidemic of substance abuse cases, coupled with a high level of fatalities, it is evident for the expedited need of point solutions. Veteran Community Resources has developed a Veteran centric wellness program which provides an alternative to what the Veterans Administration offers.   By creating a regimented treatment modality, which has direct and lasting benefits to Veterans, VCR's services will also be available to assist others within the community who have a strong desire to be well and stay well.   Veteran Community Resources is a Florida State approved Vocational Rehabilitation Service Provider which focuses on positive employment within the community.  

Veteran Affordable / Sober Living Houses

Veteran Community Resources is proud to announce its Veteran Affordable Housing Program of Palm Beach County.    

Need Safe/Secure Community Based Housing?

  • Be among other Veterans with similar issues 
  • Promote a philosophy of independent living  
  • Peer support, Self-Help, Self-Determination 

Treatment / Counseling


Treatment planning can be defined as 

the process in which the counselor and client identify and rank problems needing resolution, establish agreed upon immediate and long-term goals, and decide on the treatment methods and resources to be used. 

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We meet most of our clients at the WPB VA. Alternative meeting locations can be arranged that are convenient for our clients.

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8470 Egret Lakes Lane West Palm Beach, Florida 33412

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Executive Director - Michael Bolduc

Program Coordinator - Gary Pierce 


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